Sabato, 06 Giugno 2020
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Maddalena Gamba testimonial of the Golden Girls

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maddy1Magdalena Gamba, 25 years of Bergamo, green eyes, model and aspiring presenter, is graduating in Engineering and is practicing at a studio. He loves math and dreams of a family. Active participant in beauty contests with its charm and commitment to solidarity and to the world of sport, presented the dell'Atalanta clothing and take part in charity events and is training to deal with a league table of soccer ..
It has all the requirements to represent the Golden Girls - Pettinati said Walter, director of and ideologue of the show Golden Girls Awards - in fact Madeleine will be godmother of the beautiful "Golden Girls National Team Tournament" Football cruise where he presented Grand Gala Award and the award of the Ballonmaddy2 d'Or Italian. "I'm flattered - says Magdalena - to participate in this important event will be an exciting and very memorable because I love sports and football in particular. I never seen a female football match and this will be an opportunity to get closer to the Big and their technical qualities, during the football tournament on a cruise and deepen the reality of women's football that will monitor closely. "Soccer on a cruise "is an event that combines interesting competitive sport in the pleasure of a holiday on a ship of your dreams!"
Maddalena has practiced athletics reading for four years and is an expert maddy3dell'Atalanta supporter. "I followed my favorite team for three seasons in the Curva Nord and during some important travel and when I can not lose the opportunity to return to the stadium. The excitement of a stadium full of sports and entertainment that offers technical and tactical lawn has its own charm .. I hope you can live even in the women's game. Walter has so intrigued me on the women's game that I could not resist to give my share and participation at the event to "kick in the cruise" and, together the "Silos Production", we are going to realize an emotional reality and promotion to raise awareness of the footballers "


Walter Pettinati


Walter Pettinati
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