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parisi-pallone-oro2013The midfielder of Tavagnacco and Italy has been voted best female player of the season 2012-2013 by the coaches of Serie A and she wins the prestigious Italian Golden Ball (Golden Girl Award). Alice Parisi follows last years-winner Elisabetta Tona and wins by a great margin on a long list of nominees who are awarded with the "Silver Ball": Panico, Gabbiadini, Bonansea, Bonetti, Girelli, Guagni and Vicchiarello. Parisi, born in Tione di Trento on December 11th 1990, can celebrate her birthday with the Italian Golden Ball Award, fruit of her football performances which made her stand out both in the national and international sphere. Alice Parisi begins to play very young in a male football team, then debuts in 2005-2006 in the A2 league with the Trento team where she will be playing until season 2007-2008; during this season, she will lead her team to the promotion in Serie A. Thanks to her skills, she played for the National team in different categories and in 2008 she conquered the European Championship under 19. In this occasion, she took Italy to its first European title by scoring a penalty against Norway, a match won thanks to a great performance of the Italian team.

UEFA has acknowledged Parisi as one of the top 10 European player. In the following season she went to Bardolino Verona where she played until 2009-2010- For Bardolino, she scored 15 goals in 42 matches and won the Serie A 2008-2009 and the Italian Supercup. From 2010-2011 she went to Graphistudio Tavagnacco and played 70 matches scoring 39 goals (19 in the last championship). In this seaseon, Alice's star has brightened the Italian championship: she scored 11 goals in 11 matches and brought on her the attengion of many Europeans team thanks to her performance during the European championship 2013 in Sweden, and in Champions league. An interview with her first trainer, Roberto Genta: "To think that this shy girl would win the Golden Girls Award might have been crazy, a fantasy of a passionate. To be honest, the news of the victory of this important award is no surprise to me. Actually, I think this is the prize for many sacrifices and above all for a big humility and devotion to a sport that doesn't give many satisfactions but asks a lot instead to whom, like Alice, plays with diligence and professionalism. Alice is the good image of the female football, she is correct, passionate, every coach would want her in his team. I was lucky to train her and I immediately noticed the skills of this player. I had many arguments with her and our relationship has always been pretty nervous, maybe because from my experience, I had seen many "football promises" who didn't make it because of their arrogance. My worries were probably extreme, but at the time I thought my behaviour was correct and I kept on with it as a preventive measure. I didn't want that Alice's talent got wasted, so I was sometimes severe with her, but I had no doubt that she would become a top player in the scene of female football. Great technical skills, insight into the game, flexibility and speed: these are the main qualities that I notice in this little great player. Thanks to her football and human skills and despite her young age, she covered all the roles in my team, included the hardest one: the captain. In the end, I think that part of the merit for this great satisfaction for Alice is to confer to her family, which has always helped and encouraged her." All the best for this "Golden Girls Award" Alice, may this be a starting point for a great career.

Walter Pettinati

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